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Our medical pedicure is renowned for creating the perfect sole. We will surgically remove all callus, corns, and dry skin, leaving the feet rejuvenated.
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At City Foot Health, we understand the importance of taking care of your feet. Our team of experienced podiatrists are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to help you maintain healthy and beautiful feet. One of our most popular services is medical pedicure treatment.

What is a medical pedicure? 

A medical pedicure is a specialised type of pedicure that is performed by a trained podiatrist. It is designed to address specific foot and nail conditions such as fungal nail infections (also known as onychomycosis), ingrown toenails, and calluses. The treatment is tailored to your individual needs and is typically more in-depth than a traditional pedicure.

What's the process?

The first step in a medical pedicure is a thorough examination of your feet and nails. This will help the podiatrist determine any issues that need to be addressed and develop a treatment plan for you. The podiatrist will also ask about any relevant medical history, current medications, and any issues or concerns you may have about your feet.

Once the examination is complete, the podiatrist will have you soak your feet in warm water to soften any calluses and make the nails more pliable.

Next, the podiatrist will use specialised tools to clean and smooth the nails, reducing the risk of ingrown toenails and other problems. If you have thickened nails, the podiatrist may use a small drill to thin them out, making them easier to cut and reducing the risk of injury. They may also use specialised creams and ointments to address any fungal or bacterial infections that are present. If the presence of fungi is suspected, the podiatrist will take a scraping of the infected nails to confirm and start the necessary antifungal treatment.

The entire medical pedicure treatment takes about 30 minutes and should be done regularly to keep your feet in optimal condition. The treatment is safe and comfortable and is performed by a highly trained and experienced podiatrist.

What else does it involve? 

In addition to treating specific foot and nail conditions, a medical pedicure also includes standard pedicure services such as cutting and filing of nails, callus and cuticle care, and exfoliation. The podiatrist will use a file or a pumice stone to gently remove dead skin and smooth out any rough patches, paying special attention to areas that are prone to calluses such as the heel and the ball of the foot. 

After the treatment, the podiatrist will also provide advice and recommendations on how to continue maintaining your healthy feet and nails at home. This may include tips on proper nail care, choosing the right shoes, and recommending exercises to improve foot and leg strength.


Book your medical pedicure today

A medical pedicure is a great way to address common foot and nail problems and maintain the health and appearance of your feet. It's a safe, comfortable and effective treatment, performed by a highly trained and experienced podiatrist. If you are looking for a way to take care of your feet, improve their appearance and overall health, or if you have specific foot and nail conditions that need attention, a medical pedicure treatment may be the right choice for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced podiatrists and take the first step towards healthier, more beautiful feet!

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