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How to know when you need orthotics

Written By Anuj Soni 23 Jan 2024
How to know when you need orthotics

Foot health is a vital part of your overall well-being, yet it's often overlooked until pain becomes a daily hurdle. This is where orthotics step in – not just as a remedy but as a proactive measure for foot care. But how do you know when you need orthotics?


What are orthotics? 

It’s easy to confuse orthotics with standard insoles, but there's a significant difference. While insoles are primarily designed to cushion your feet and offer minor support, orthotics are custom-made devices prescribed by podiatrists — the experts in feet. 

They are tailored to individual foot structures and gait patterns, aiming to correct alignment issues, distribute pressure evenly, and provide targeted support.


Symptoms indicating the need for orthotics

While it’s not always obvious whether pain in your feet requires orthotics, there are a few tell-tale symptoms that suggest your feet could benefit from some extra support. 


Chronic foot pain

Persistent discomfort in the feet, especially in the heel or arch, could signal issues like plantar fasciitis or flat feet. Orthotics can offer the necessary support to alleviate this pain by positioning your foot in a better position whilst standing and walking.



These painful bony bumps can be mitigated with orthotics, which help in redistributing pressure away from the affected area. Although orthotics cannot correct a bunion, they can help to slow down the bunion’s progression. 


Shoe-related discomfort

If certain types of shoes consistently cause pain, it might be a sign that your feet aren't getting the support they need. Orthotics can help you to make sure that you're getting the most comfortable, supportive shoe for your feet. 


Diabetic foot care

Orthotics play a vital role in diabetic foot care, addressing complications like neuropathy and poor circulation. Neuropathy often leads to a loss of sensation, making it difficult for individuals to detect foot injuries or pressure points, while poor circulation slows down healing, escalating the risk of minor wounds becoming serious. 

Custom-designed orthotics provide a protective cushion and distribute weight evenly, crucial for preventing pressure-induced ulcers or sores.


The ripple effect of foot misalignment

Incorrect foot alignment doesn't just affect your feet. It can lead to a domino effect, impacting your knees, hips, and back. 

Misalignment can cause an uneven distribution of weight, leading to pain and discomfort in these areas. Podiatry orthotics can correct these imbalances, often providing relief not just to your feet but to your entire lower body.


Lifestyle, activity, and orthotics

Your daily activities play a pivotal role in determining the need for orthotics. A sedentary lifestyle can weaken foot muscles, making them more susceptible to pain when you engage in physical activities. On the other hand, certain sports or high-impact activities can put excessive strain on your feet, necessitating the extra support orthotics provide.


Orthotics and Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma, a painful condition involving the thickening of nerve tissue in the foot, often finds relief through the use of orthotics. They help in redistributing the pressure that exacerbates the discomfort associated with Morton's neuroma, providing a non-invasive solution to manage the pain.


Take a step toward pain-free feet with City Foot Health

Podiatry orthotics can be a game-changer in addressing a myriad of foot issues, from chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis to everyday discomforts caused by misalignment or excessive pressure on your feet. If you suspect that orthotics could improve your foot health, or if you're experiencing persistent foot pain, it's time to seek professional advice.

Reach out to the skilled podiatrists at City Foot Health for a comprehensive consultation. Our team will expertly assess your treatment needs and determine if orthotics are the right solution for you. 

Take the first step towards happier, healthier feet – explore our treatment options and pricing, and contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment. Your feet will thank you!

CANCELLATON POLICY: Please be advised that if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or fail to attended, then there will be a charge for the missed appointment.