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Our feet are constant use. The average person takes between 5,000 and 18,000 steps per day.

We offer advice to prevent problems occurring as welll as treatment for any discomfort or pain.

  • Conservative chiropody (removal of corns and callous)
  • Sports injury
  • Diabetes foot assessment
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of plantar warts (verrucae)
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of ingrowing toenails
  • Accupuncture and homeopathy
  • Sports Injuries - For any sports enthusiast, it is frustrating to have to stop participating due to injury. We offer assessment and advice to ensure discomfort is treated before any lasting damage occurs.
  • Biomechanical Examination - This is a detailed analysis of the feet and legs to help identify factors that may cause or contribute to discomfort.
  • Orthotic manufacture (custom made prescriptions) - Orthotics are special shoe inserts, moulded specifically for each patient. They can help to control the way in which the foot functions.
Foot Pain
Corns and Callous
Ingrowing Toenails
Soft Tissue Problems
Sports Injuries
Orthotics and Insoles
Fungal Infections of Skin and Nails
Diabetic Foot Management